Our goal is to work with a focused group of young, talented singers who are eager to take their careers to the next level.  As accomplished experts in the field, we’re happy to ‘pay it forward’ and share our expertise for a lifetime of success.

We aim to provide a rare and exceptional opportunity for a group of emerging singers to work closely with those of us who have carved out high profile careers as both coaches, in-demand performers, recording artists, musicians and arrangers.  Our Ultimate team will share practical skills of all aspects of performance and vocal techniques. Our students will leave Ultimate Vocal Summit ready to nail their auditions and pursue their aspirations of working with top tier musicians.

Our mission is also to support a diverse group of students. And while our coaches and industry professionals have worked heavily in pop and mainstream circuits, they have also brought their artistry and expertise across the globe.  Their music perspective is astounding in its breadth and they have worked with virtually every music genre including soul, salsa, African, jazz, alternative rock, EDM, punk, heavy metal, singer/songwriters, country, Asian, Middle Eastern, rock, funk and hip hop. We understand that great singers want to bring their passions and cultures to many forms of music, from TV pop star status, to commercial work, to leading their own chart-topping bands and touring the world. Through this musical summit, we share a message of hope and inspiration, while also creating artistic and career opportunities.

Our dream is to establish a scholarship fund for Ultimate Vocal Summit and provide workshops to underserved youth.  Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a student!